Design & Concept

Modern Stylish Ambience

Tastefully furnished to a high standard. One of the first and still existing Italians of Munich. Our main focus was to continue the concept that originally accompanied the restaurant from the 70s to the 2000s.

The extravagant ceiling, which stands out with a lot of natural wood and bends, was made by the carpenter in months of work with the latest technology. The tricky part was the fit. Because from the carpentry to the ceiling was a long and tedious journey.

Some beams were equipped with the latest LED technology, which seamlessly converge to the bar. If you look closely, it looks like a palm tree, which was actually not intended that way.

This imposing dining amble was refined with hand-blown light fixtures that give the restaurant a golden glow.

The counter, which is the center of the whole, was equipped with Venetian hologram tiles, which change their pattern at a closer look.